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With more than 140 years of international knowledge backed by tried, tested and perfected European machinery and designs, we are happy to say that Skiold & VMS have been supplying to the key players in dairy, pork, poultry and feedlots in Australia and surrounding countries for the past 15 years. With this key industry knowledge we are confident in saying that we can supply you with expertise in identifying, designing, installing and training in quality feed milling for your farming needs. To increase productivity and efficiency while also being able to achieve a reduction in energy consumption and operating costs compared to our competitors.


What makes us different:

Complete coverage of all Australia and surrounding countries with complete in-house service, ensuring our quality

No contractors finishing our work, you’ll only have to deal with our professional team

140 years of international knowledge

Ensuring your equipment will be completely suited to your specific needs

Backed by European design and steel

Our designs, yet simple are highly efficient and will ensure the longest life out of your investment through an unproblematic operation

Reduced energy consumption and operating costs

Going hand in hand with an guaranteed increase in productivity and efficiency


Vision and Values:

Our vision is to be rated by our customers as the best supplier in terms of quality, not necessarily quantity.

  • COOPERATION: By talking with our dedicated sales consultants we bring your needs and limitations to the forefront of all design specifications
  • QUALITY: We are able to guarantee what we say and are able to exceed your quality expectations through a complete in-house service package and high quality machinery
  • IMPORTANCE ON IMPROVEMENT: We don’t want to just improve your feed milling productivity, but provide you an lasting investment that gives you reliable confidence for the future


Company History:

Vacuum Milling Solutions (VMS) was founded in 2007 by current CEO Martin Liese who had 17 previous years of experience in the agricultural equipment industry. In 2011 Denmark based company Skiold approached Martin/VMS wanting to better the equipment supplied in Australia. Since then we have combined quality European machinery with our specialised service while also gaining 140 years of international knowledge. Skiold are among the leading international suppliers of stock & pig feeding equipment as well as technical management systems.

Countries we cover

Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia and the Pacific Islands

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