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From discussing your needs with our experienced sales team, right down to installation and your first run, we offer a complete first-class service package. Every stage in our service offering works to provide you with a guaranteed high quality end product for years to come.

No undelivered promises.

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We’ve figured that you don’t get happy customers by trying to sell you more than what you need. Our experienced consultants can discuss with you your individual operations needs. How we can help with your plans & prospects for future expansion or simply improved efficiency. Our conversations will include guarantees that we keep, not waisting your time if we can’t ensure your needs are met. What we say is what you get, guaranteed.


To guarantee the high quality of SKIOLD & VMS we wont give your build to a contractor to finish. Bringing our skilled installation team, trucks, cranes and tools out to your location gives us the confidence to say that our delivered product will meet all expectations promised by our sales consultants.

Custom designed infrastructure

Our real world trained engineer uses the latest AutoCAD and 3D design softwares, to ensure every milli-meter in your design is working towards improving your operations. All your custom needs are based off European established designs, ensuring that your build is efficient in its operations and sustainable in it’s long-life. We effectively combine all equipment to your specific needs into a systematic operation that achieves optimal productivity, as well as minimal operating costs and floor space. Our custom mills range from 1ton per hour up to 40tons and larger upon request.

Post service technical support

Our quality of service doesn’t end after installation. Ensuring you know how to operate your new plant with ease thanks to our technical support team with straightforward training. There’s no need to worry If you have any queries about your new SKIOLD equipment, our skilled technicians backed by 140 years of knowledge can help.  When it comes time for replacement parts we stock a range of spare parts, our european designs and steel ensure a long life. This guarantees your equipment will deliver everything our sales consultants say.

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  • In-house custom design and manufacturing
  • 3D Designs using the latest Auto CAD software
  • Custom control systems to provide you with an efficient milling procedure
  • Automatic mixing & milling systems for a seamless operation to reduce your workload
  • Dairy, poultry and piggery feed systems

Technical Support

  • Phone call support
  • Face to face service, for larger more complex plants
  • We can also provide instant service through controlling your mill via our Flex Mix system from our offices

Spare Parts

  • Range of common spare parts in Australian storage to ensure your plants stay in operation, limited downtime


  • By only using our skilled installation team we ensure that no contractors can decrease the quality of your equipment


  • General Sales
  • Spare Parts
  • Dealer Sales
  • Projects
  • Farmer trusted

See a 3D example of how SKIOLD can design your next plant

Our service coupled with our products ensures quality.

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