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Our high quality European feed milling and pig feeding eqipment use Danish designs and steel. This ensures that the equipment we supply is of the highest quality. Giving you a lasting investment from feed milling to pig feeding systems. It’s modular design ensures a more straightforward operation where we can combine equipment together for your specific needs.

With 140 years of experience in perfected designs SKIOLD equipment is trusted and used in over 15 countries.

Feed Milling

Denmark are currently the 4th largest exporter of Pork and are among the world leaders in breeding, quality, food safety, animal welfare and traceability. For this reason, our supplier SKIOLD are the most experienced on the market when it comes to your complete pig feeding solution. 

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Find out why our farmers are using our SKIOLD Disc Mills, it’s durability is unmatched.

Milling grain doesn’t have to be a labour intensive job! Work smart not hard with SKIOLD & VMS

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